Wet Cupping

Hijama (Arabic: حجامة‎ "sucking") or medicinal bleeding

Wet cupping is also known as Hijama (Arabic: حجامة‎ lit. "sucking") or medicinal bleeding, where blood is drawn by local suction from a small skin incision. The first reported usages are found in the Islamic hadith, sayings attributed to or describing the actions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Hadith from Muhammad al-Bukhari, Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj Nishapuri and Ahmad ibn Hanbal support its recommendation and use by Muhammad ﷺ. As a result, wet cupping has remained a popular remedy practiced in many parts of the Muslim world.

Wet cupping has been done since the many centuries, and it is done traditionally. The cupping cups were made of cattle horns with a valve mechanism in it to create a partial vacuum by sucking the air out. Cupping is still practiced as part of relaxing and/or health regimens.