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Hijama Cure Centre

Clinic :Plot no. 138/139, Shop no. 1, Marvel Bldg, Sector New 50, Seawoods West, Navi Mumbai 400706 

Ladies can contact on this number: +91-9137970496

Gents can contact on this number : +91-9326133807
[email protected]

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Deep Tissue Massage

-Deep pore cleansing
-Cupping deep tissue masage
-Guasha stone massage therapy
- Foot reflexology
-Lymph drainage
- Reduced bloating, puffiness n swelling
- Activates digestive system
- Increased blood circulation to muscles, skin n tissues
- Relaxed mind n body
- Tones n uplifts skin
Improved kidney n colon function

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Cosmetic Acupuncture Facial

• Cleanse, scrub n detox skin
• Deep tissue massage
• Guasha stone therapy
• Jade roller therapy
• Acupressure massage
• Cosmetic acupuncture
• Better blood circulation to face
• Reduces pores
• Reduces acne n pimples
• Even skin tone
• Uplifts skin
• Better penetration of nutrients.

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Reduces dark circles • Reduces wrinkles

There are some natural tricks that might help in smoothing out early wrinkles. It's easier to keep the wrinkles at bay than to get rid of them once they've settled in. You can use homemade face masks that moisturise and plump the skin, and eat foods packed with collagen